Starting A Restaurant

While most new restaurants close within a couple of years, taking a leap of faith and starting a restaurant can lead to big rewards. In his article "The Joy of Cooking Up a Plan," Bruce Palling highlights a few special restaurants that have achieved immense success.  Often a restaurant is an intensely personal venture, which makes the rewards that much sweeter. In London, young chef Jake Kenedy went to his uncle, David Cleevely, with a plan: invest in his new restaurant. Instead of leasing, Cleevely bought the restaurant space, but his precautions ended up unnecessary. Bocca di Lupo, which serves dishes like pappardelle with ox cheek and pork and foie gras sausages, now turns a steady profit.

Similarly, Guillaume Guedj took a risk on chef Shinichi Sato, using all of his own money to open Passage 53. In just two years, it has won two Michelin stars. The fact that Guedj's stepfather is a super famous Parisian butcher who provided the meat for Passage 53's signature dish-veal tartare mixed with oyster and green apple-didn't hurt.

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