Start Using Peanuts For Your Cooking

Peanuts are a fantastic ingredient for their versatility. They're great to sprinkle on spicy beef, to mix into lamb stew, or adding them to spiced egg salad. With their distinctive crunch and sweet roasted taste, peanuts are appearing on more restaurant menus. Bret Thorn reports for Nation's Restaurant News that peanuts increased by 44.6% on menus from 2006 to 2010. Much of this growth has occurred at chain restaurants like P.F. Chang's, Houlihan's, and Panera. But independent restaurants find peanuts particularly attractive, too. From peanut butter frozen yogurt to South African peanut soup, peanuts take on versatile roles in sweet and savory dishes.

I'm excited to learn more about the peanut's increasing popularity in restaurants. To read more about this phenomenon, click here.