Spring Soccer Social

The gorgeous spring weather on Saturday was such a treat, and the kids were out in full force at the Tribeca/NYFest soccer tournament at Pier 40. As mentioned, I was asked to participate in their celebrity match and I got to play alongside some pro players and other fellows from the film industry. Saw my friend Kelly Ripa who was there cheering her husband and my teammate Mark.

The guys (and one girl, hey Amy!) started friendly but things got a bit competitive in the second half (but all in good fun). I was even going head-to-head with Detroit Lion Ndamukong Suh at one point! Good thing we're both Arsenal F.C. fans so I let him off easy. My team, Team Claudio Reyna, ended up clinching the game with three minutes to go and ended up winning 3-2.

But the day really was for the kids-we got to hang out with them and take some photos before the match. Parents, grab a soccer ball or throw a baseball with your children this weekend. It'll be beneficial to you both.

Check out my photos below from the soccer match...