Spring Makes Eating Healthy Both Tasty And Simple

While eating healthfully year round is important, it's particularly effortless in spring. With an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, boosting your health is easy once the weather turns warm. Spring brings a bounty of fresh produce, which contains a bevy of cancer-fighting antioxidants. Chemicals like beta-carotene, folate, and lycopene help neutralize free radicals. Asparagus is especially high in antioxidants, and delicious too! Try making a simple salad with asparagus, apple, and artichoke, all antioxidant rich foods.

Look for the best fruits and vegetables at your local farmers' market, and buy foods in a variety of brilliant colors: orange carrots, green favas, and jewel-like rainbow chard. This colorful recipe for roasted roots and shoots is an opportunity to show off your market's freshest stuff.

In spring, eating healthfully is both tasty and simple. How do you incorporate spring produce into your meals?