Spend Swedish Midsummer with the Rooster Crew

Every kid in Sweden, every adult, everybody has a story from Midsummer. When you're a kid you dance with your parents around the tree, when you're a teenager that's when you met all the girls, and as an adult that's when you go to all the parties. Every summer, droves of Gothenburg residents would head to Smogen, where I spent my summers, to celebrate Midsummer. It's awesome to see the crowds go from 5,000 people to 100,000 people over a weekend and it gets crazy. As a teenager we loved it because since we spent every Midsummer in Smogen, you knew all the in's and out's of the area. We knew how to find the best parties and how to sell shrimp for more than it costs--the hustle was there. It was twice a summer in Sweden we took tables out and just had a huge block party and Midsummer was one of them. We'd always have tons of gravlax, herring and meatballs and we continue this tradition at Red Rooster and at the Swedish Midsummer Festival in Battery Park City.

On Friday, June 22, from 5-8pm, Red Rooster will have a table at the Swedish Midsummer celebration in Battery Park City and we'll be serving up meatball sliders and Smargastarta (Sandwich Cake), a traditional Swedish dish. But if you're at the Rooster on Friday, check out the lunch and dinner specials we'll have to celebrate the day.

LUNCH $21 per person, prix fixe

DINNER $45 per person, prix fixe (Swedish Flag Cocktail included)

HERRING PLATE fingerling potatoes, cheese ~~~~ Helga's Meatballs ~~~~ Strawberry Cake

COCKTAIL Swedish Flag $12


Midsummer is my ideal way to kick off the summer and I'll be down at Battery Park tomorrow afternoon dancing around the maypole. Hey, if we didn't make it in the Euro Cup, we have to celebrate something.

Photos: ClatieK