Spend Money On Clothing or Food?

Travel Guide with Alison Corbat - The Burning Question When Visiting Miami

During a recent stopover in Miami, a lucky deal landed me a room at the hip Shore Club.  The lobby is gorgeous with its white drapery and furry rugs; the rooms are super minimalistic.

Hungry from our travels, my brother and I consulted the restaurant wish-list that I had created for our trip. We were planning for a lavish dinner, so were looking for a quick bite to tide us over.  I had read about a family-owned pastry shop called the Charlotte Bakery. We stepped into the modest store to find the most diverse variety of empanadas I've ever seen. We chose an earthy Argentinean spinach and cheese pastry and a Chilean meat version, which was packed with sweet, marinated ground beef and a blend of raisins, egg yolk, and cheese. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it right now...

For dinner we headed to Wish. Seated next to the dazzling fountain, we sipped cocktails illuminated by fun plastic ice cubes.  We decided to skip the chef's tasting menu and order a la carte, but we were still gifted with an amuse of a crispy beef wonton over a sweet raspberry sauce. We chowed down on some delicious bread and creamy black bean spread, served as an alternative to butter.  My steamed snapper entree was elegant and perfectly executed, served over a bed of squash, marinated artichokes, and basil-inflected tomatoes. My brother's garlic-ginger crusted cod was served with earthy accompaniments such as shitake mushrooms, limes, and cabbage.  The meal incorporated both Latin inspiration with its chilies and Asian influences from rice noodles and scallions. Perhaps our favorite part of the meal, though, was the Japanese-infused side dish of edamame and sweet potato hash.  Whoever came up with this savory and sweet combination was a genius, as the unexpected duo of soy beans and yam chunks reminded us that, warmer weather aside, this was the holiday season.