Sparkling Red Wine and Soft Taleggio Cheese


Ever had a sparkling red? If not, you're in for a treat with the effervescent and delicious Lambrusco wine. To double your pleasure, pair your Lambrusco with a fellow Italian delicacy, the soft Taleggio cheese.

Lambrusco wines are from the central-Northern part of Italy and carry acidic and berry notes. The carbonation in this drink is generally not very heavy or intense -- more like a little tingle of the toungue that only augments the flavors.

Taleggio is a cow's milk washed-rind cheese and comes in a range of consistencies from soft to semi-firm. While still very pungent, the softest variety is delightfully mild with a rich, buttery texture. From the same region as Lambrusco, the pairing with Taleggio truly tastes like a match made in heaven.

Spread your Taleggio on some fresh bread, pour your wine, and indulge yourself with this luxurious pairing!

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