Solar-Powered Popsicles€¦Huh?

Get ready to see the coolest (and hottest) ice cream truck you have ever laid eyes on! Solar energy company, Sungevity, just launched the Sungevity Ice Pop Truck to carry across the country free popsicles and news about their Rooftop Revolution. The truck not only passes out free organic ice pops, created by GoodPop, but also information for customers on how easy and affordable it is to bring solar energy into their homes. With flavors like Mango or Hibicus Mint, how can you pass up free info on how you can save money and the Earth? What a sweet way to find out how to help the environment! Now, if only all street food trucks were built that way!

The Sungevity Ice Pop Truck was just in NYC and is now making its way down the East Coast. You can track their truck for their next location of free ice pops on Facebook and Twitter. Check out this awesome video below on how the truck takes out its solar panels to prepare to pass out its free tasty treats.

[vsw id="26970662" source="vimeo" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]

Photo: Mat McDermott

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