Six Foods That You Should Eat!

A healthy heart is the key to a happy body, and a happy life. What six foods does Dr. James Beckerman say you should eat? Cardiologist Dr. Beckerman has four suggestions and six foods to get you on the happy heart track.

If you Know Your Numbers, meaning good weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol, Avoid Processed Foods and increase the amount of healthy fats, fiber, and fresh, whole foods in your diet, you're on the right track.  If you Cook to Stay Fit, Dr. Beckerman says, it will help you embrace the lifestyle of avoiding processed foods and thereby reducing your weight and cholesterol.

Most importantly, Dr. Beckerman's last suggestion: Eat These Six Foods Today gives you a go-to grocery list to build meals around.  Here are the foods and a few recipes from our site to get you started with these heart-healthy foods.

1. Almonds Start your day with heart-healthy almonds in granola.

2. Apples Take advantage of the culinary versatility of this fruit by making this soup.

3. Grapes - No recipe necessary for this delicious and sweet fruit.  Pack a handful in your lunch, and keep them around for an easy and fast snack.

4. Greek yogurt - Use Greek yogurt in this nutrient-packed smoothie

5. Flaxseeds - Fold flaxseed into a hearty loaf of Irish Soda Bread

6. Pine Nuts - Try out Pine Nut Ricotta for a vegan, healthy alternative to cheese.

Read more about Dr. Beckerman's suggestions here.