Shout Out to Lucky Peach

Who says print is dead? In fact, a stirring new magazine just came out that may change the face of food writing. In what will hopefully be a long partnership with a strong pay-off, Chef David Chang of New York's Momofuku restaurants has teamed up with writer Peter Meehan, and Zero Point Zero Production the producers behind the Emmy Award-winning Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations to release the newest food magazine: Lucky Peach.

Lucky Peach's first issue has just hit the stand and is already wildly popular and is receiving critical acclaim. Each issue of this quarterly publication plans to focus on one central topic (the first issue's was ramen soup) and explore it through travel writing, food writing, essays, art, photography, and whatever else these guys can think up. Eventually, McSweeney (the magazine's publisher) plans to release Lucky Peach, or at least some form of it, as an iPad app.

Lucky Peach is a real breath of fresh air in the food writing industry. This kind of forward thinking is just the kind of thing we had in mind when we launched Food Republic-doing something different that would both shake-up the food world and appeal to audiences that are sometimes neglected, by highlighting different ideas and writing styles. It's also awesome to see how many media sources are using different outlets to convey their messages, whether it be in print, on-line, or somewhere in between, like an iPad app. We wish Lucky Peach a successful run and we look forward to its great published work!