Shooting With Rushka Bergman

Some people can learn style while others are born with the natural ability to style, whether it's clothes, furniture, or anything other artistic objects. This can truly be said of Rushka Bergman who seems to be born with style and an incredibly artistic eye for fashion. I've been lucky enough to be featured in many photo shoots, but the ones styled by Rushka Bergman have always been my favorite.

Ruska has styled me in two shoots so far for L'uomo Vogue, one of which was a couple days ago. She came with her team from L'uomo to shoot me at Red Rooster and like always it was truly a pleasure and inspiration in itself. Aside from Vogue, Rushka is also famous for being Michael Jackson's personal stylist. It's no wonder that she's styled some of the most famous names throughout her career since her attention to detail and her eccentric viewpoint make every one of her creations a stylish vision.

I'm always inspired to see how Rushka works. She is inspired by fabrics, colors, backgrounds, and most of all her surroundings. She picked out several outfits for me during the shoot and evoked a different feel and emotion in each photograph. We were lucky enough to have Rushka join us downstairs at Ginny's and she was much inspired by our decor.

I can't wait to see how the photo shoot turned out. The beauty about seeing each picture, is knowing the work and the thought that lies behind each photo.  And with Rushka behind the scenes, it's bound to be a work of art!

Check out a few photos below from behind the scenes of my latest photo shoot.

Photos: Cyndi Amaya

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