Sheryl Crow's New Cookbook: "If It Makes You Healthy"

Sheryl Crow's latest project isn't a new album-it's a cookbook! Crow and her personal chef, Chuck White, have crafted a cookbook for both music and food fans. The cookbook is about more than just what Crow likes to eat though. "If It Makes You Healthy" discusses how eating right is a way of life. If It Makes You Healthy: More Than 100 Delicious Recipes Inspired by the Seasons

After Crow was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, she reevaluated what she ate. She decided to make better nutritional choices, and hired White to help her eat healthy, sustainable foods. Whether on the road or at home with her family, Crow tries to eat seasonally and locally as much as possible.

"If It Makes You Healthy" includes around 125 recipes for summer, fall, winter, and spring. From tomatoes to winter squash, the recipes focus on the changing seasons. The book offers a glimpse into the meals Crow eats with her crew-like Mojito braised pork-and her kids-basil and apple marinated chicken. Also, the cookbook includes stories about Crow's childhood and rise to fame.

The cookbook's name is a take on Crow's smash hit "If It Makes You Happy." Indeed, Crow seems to suggest that eating healthy is a direct route to happiness. "If It Makes You Healthy" came out March 29th, so look for a copy in bookstores now. To read about another great healthy eating cookbook, click here.