Seeing Red: Red Rooster's Nook and The Marcus Palmer

Today for our Seeing Red series, we're featuring someone who wears many hats at Red Rooster Harlem, Steven Green. Many recognize Steven's face from working in Red Rooster's Nook during the morning, but now Steven has also added host and barista to his job description. With all of these responsibilities at Red Rooster, all would be surprised to find out that Steven is only 20-years-old! We asked Steven a few questions and even got his special recipe for a refreshing summer drink, the Marcus Palmer.

So what exactly is The Nook?

The Nook is basically where people who are on their way to work can stop by and grab a quick cup of coffee, iced coffee, lemonade, iced tea, muffins, cookies, or biscuits while they're on the run. We also sell our Red Rooster aprons here, as well as Marcus' cookbooks and other Harlem souvenirs, like Apollo Theatre mugs. Our coffee and biscuits are the best sellers, especially our Bacon Cheddar biscuits- they're the first to run out in the morning. Guests literally just come in for our Bacon Cheddar biscuits. There might be some sort of uprising in Harlem if we ever stop making them!

What do you do outside of Red Rooster?

Outside of Red Rooster, I'm your normal twenty-year-old; I hang with friends and go to the movies. I'm also an actor and starting to take film and television classes. So far I've acted in a couple of plays with the Creative Arts Team Youth Theater and acted all throughout high school. I also worked with a theater company called Vital Theater Company, where I started out as an intern but then became an employee since my sophomore year of school.

So what are your goals in acting?

My goal is to become a big television star. I'd do a few movies, but I'd rather be on television. I rather be in people's homes and be a household name! Until then, I love working here at the Rooster.

What do you like about working at Red Rooster?

I like all the personalities that come in to the restaurant and interacting with all the guests. Now that I'm a host, I get to interact with everyone that comes in and it's great to see all of the different ethnicities and 'characters' that walk through the Rooster.

I hear you have a signature drink that you make at the Nook?

Yes, it's called the Marcus Palmer. It's a take on the original Arnold Palmer, which is a drink of half lemonade and half iced tea. Our version is very popular and is actually about 1/3 lemonade, 2/3 iced tea, a few mint leaves, and an orange slice to add a kick to it. Since it's so similar, I call it the Marcus Palmer. It's a great drink for the summer!

Someday you'll hear name Steven Green being used as a household actor's name, until then stop by Red Rooster and see Steven at the Nook. Be sure to try out his Marcus Palmer and Bacon Cheddar biscuits, before they run out!