Second Season Of The Fabulous Beekman Boys

The second season of The Fabulous Beekman Boys starts tonight, returning the exciting life of these two green-thumbs to the small screen. Brent Ridge and his partner Josh Kilmer-Purcell moved from the big city to become organic farmers. Epicurious calls The Fabulous Beekman boys "Green Acres for the new millennium" comparing former Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia VP Ridge and his partner one of five "Next Martha Stewarts."

The Beekman Boys have tried their hands at many different old-fashioned skills such as soap-making, ice cream, and cheese, but the challenge is making it all seem relevant to 21st-century Americans, many of whom have never been to a farm. The verdict? It's funny and entertaining enough to inspire a second season, which premieres tonight.

Tune in on Discovery Channel's Planet Green network tonight.