Second-Day Meal Of Leftovers

The amount of food wasted in the United States is baffling to me. As a chef, I started to question whether it was right or not to throw out so much food, when much of it can be remade into a delicious second-day meal of leftovers meal. An estimated 30-40% of food in US households is thrown out. Instead of discarding food that is still perfectly good, re-purpose your leftovers into a delicious meal. Making use of all the food you bring into your kitchen will make your lifestyle greener and more sustainable.

Making food at the beginning of the week that can be made into different incarnations throughout the week is a great time saver, too.

On Sunday, you could make my Harissa-Roasted Turkey Breast, and serve with roasted vegetables. Save the leftovers, and shred the pieces for turkey salad sandwiches, or make a turkey soup.

You could also incorporate the leftover meat and vegetables into a casserole. Long out of fashion, casseroles are actually an economical one-dish meal that delights hungry mouths.

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