Schools To Soon Provide Healthier Lunches For Kids

The United States is finally focusing on new healthier lifestyles for children, much thanks to the Child Nutrition Bill and Michelle Obama's drive to create a healthier America. First things first, noted in CNN's "Obama Signs Child Nutrition Bill", The Child Nutrition Bill was signed back in December by President Obama to "encourage better eating habits by giving the federal government more authority to set standards for food sold in schools." The bill seeks to increase free healthy meals for children in low-income areas and requires schools to abide by the US Department of Agriculture's healthy eating strategies. By implementing the Child Nutrition Bill schools are able to create healthier lunches one day at a time.

As noted in Fernanda Santos' "Public Schools Face the Rising Costs of Serving Lunch," prices of school lunches may be rising but it is all in the name of children eating healthier meals. The federal government is working towards creating a perfect balance between a cost of a school lunch and what is incorporated in that healthy lunch. Costs of school lunches have mostly increased by a mere 25 cents, which in the grand scheme of things is well worth the price rise. Parents around America may be weary of the price increase, but the increase only means one thing, a healthier way of life for their children. With costs increasing this only means one thing, students are surely getting the proper nutrition they need at lunch to make it through their afternoon filled with a whole slew of new information to learn.

Considering healthy school lunches, First Lady Michelle Obama, developed The Let's Move! Campaign, which emphasizes healthier lunches and lifestyles for children and adults around America. The campaign, as noted in our article "First Lady Obama Refreshes Supermarkets," places an emphasis on childhood obesity and how that can be diminished. Of course, with the new Child Nutrition Bill and the First Lady's initiatives healthier school lunches and lifestyles will be the way of the near future. Not only has Mrs. Obama created this campaign but also has played a large role in developing a new nutritional tool to guide Americans into developing healthier eating habits, or MyPlate.

Although most are onboard with the idea to rid obesity in America, some believe MyPlate doesn't successfully portray healthier school lunches for children. In "A 'Real Food' Guide to The MyPlate Graphic," we looked towards Kristin Wartman at to showcase how there is a lack of knowledge amongst Americans on where to purchase healthy foods. Also on a prestigious note, Harvard has gone against MyPlate and has created their own Healthy Eating Plate to place an emphasis on creating nutritional guidelines the way they see fit.

With all of this talk on how America has developed new initiatives to increase healthier eating in America, we can only hope that by implementing healthier school lunches children will develop healthy eating habits for years to come.

Photo: USDAgov