'Savoring Harlem' Watch Party

I witnessed something grand on Friday! I witnessed my neighborhood of Harlem get some much needed attention during the airing of my Food Network special Savoring Harlem. It aired for the first time on Friday night on the Food Network and on it, we discussed the new food revolution occurring in this great neighborhood.

Food is at the center of Harlem's New Renaissance and we were very proud to have the chance to show you all just how far food has gotten in Harlem on the Food Network. To celebrate this great occasion, I invited some of the key people in putting together the special, including Food Network's production team, as well as some of my close friends to my office in Harlem for a Savoring Harlem watch party.

It was such an honor to have everyone there while we watched our mission of bringing vigor back to Harlem become a reality right in front of our eyes. Food Network interviewed several Harlem restaurateurs on their input in revitalizing this longtime historic neighborhood and bringing it back to its glory days- and all of this through food.

Hopefully, this special will help change all naysayers of their perceptions of Harlem and instead induce people from all over to visit Harlem once again. A big thank you goes to all of those who joined me on Friday, as well as all of those who helped me put together this special.

Check out my photos below and if you didn't catch Savoring Harlem this weekend, watch the trailer below and stay tuned for more re-airing dates.

Photos: Cyndi Amaya

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