Sam Sifton's Last Review

Today we say farewell to Sam Sifton as the celebrated New York Times Restaurant Critic, and say hello to him as the soon-to-be-celebrated National Editor for the NYT. In today's New York Times Dining Section, you can find Sam Sifton's last chosen restaurant review; and a doozy it was- the review of "New York's Best Restaurant," Thomas Keller's Per Se. Located in the Time Warner Center on Columbus Center, Per Se is Thomas Keller's East Coast version of his acclaimed French Laundry in California. In his last critique as restaurant reviewer, Sam Sifton raved of Per Se's exquisite and incomparable food in a long and detailed 4-star awarded review. This however is not the first time Per Se has received the highest honor (4 starts) of the popular New York publication; it's actually the second time with former NYT restaurant reviewer Frank Bruni having reviewed the establishment with the same acclaim in 2004.

Known for its pricey tasting and a la carte menus, Per Se is definitely not for the faint of heart when it comes to spending quite a deal for a fabulous meal. But its highly-praised reviews can attest that every dollar forfeited here is money well spent.

We could not forgo the opportunity to mention Sam Sifton's last review. We will certainly miss his highly anticipated thoughts every Wednesday in the NTY, and we can only hope that he'll continue to publish his occasional Sifty Fifty List that we oh-so-love. Good luck as editor, Sam, and congratulations to Per Se for a once again great review!

What was your favorite Sam Sifton restaurant review?

Photo: adKinn 

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