Salad Nicoise

Second-Day Meal Of Leftovers by Marcus Samuelsson

Can you make a colorful, healthy, delicious meal from things you already have in your kitchen? Absolutely, with a Salad Nicoise!

Salad Nicoise is a great source of vegetable and fruit vitamins and minerals, protein from the fish and eggs, as well as starch and fiber from the potatoes. There's something for everyone in this dish.

It's a great, healthy dinner to pull together on a busy night. You probably already have some of the ingredients in your kitchen. If you don't, invest in some high-quality tuna, olives, anchovies to have on hand when a Salad Nicoise craving strikes. If you cook a batch of hard-boiled eggs at the beginning of the week, you'll only need to add some lettuce and fresh vegetables.

This salad consists of a foundation of the buttery Boston Lettuce leaves with a variety of healthy, vibrant additions:

* Green beans * Tomatoes * Boiled potatoes * Canned or jarred tuna * Hard-boiled eggs * Anchovies * Nicoise olives

This classic recipe can be tampered with easily, though - feel free to add favorites of your own. Try marinated artichokes or jarred roasted red peppers.

Drizzle the entire salad with a basic salad dressing and save some extra for any leftover potatoes, green beans or eggs.

What do you like to put in your Salad Nicoise?