Rhymes About Food

More and more, food is becoming mainstream. There are numerous magazines, TV shows, videogames, and entire networks devoted to food and cooking. And now, it's infiltrating the music scene.

The New York Times today, featured the Queens, New York rapper Action Bronson, who is becoming known for his stellar songs about, you guessed it, food. Action Bronson's smooth flow runs easily through his complicated rhymes to pump out songs that have made some call him "one of the most promising prospects in New York hip-hop."

Songs about food used to be the center of jokes or parodies, with Weird Al Yankovic as the most prominent singer, but Action Bronson is taking a subject that we all talk and think about everyday and making legitimately great hip-hop records. Songs like "Roasted Bone Marrow," "Brunch," Ceviche," "Dabble in Truffles," and "Shiraz" are just some of his table themed songs that he's written and released during his career.

Action Bronson's recently released album, Dr. Lecter, received many good reviews, so hopefully we'll be seeing many more albums from this great artist in the near future. Until then, he'll continue rapping about one topic we can all relate to: food.

Who's your favorite Hip-Hop artist?