Retro Ring Ding

Weekly Dish Recommendation: Retro Ring Ding at Perryville Inn

Since moving to the United States, I'm always entertained to see the way food and culture intersect.  One of my favorite desserts combines Americana culture with chocolate - the Retro Ring Ding at the Perryville Inn in New Jersey.

At this beautiful colonial inn, where packaged treats like ring-dings might seem out of place, this beloved hostess treat gets an elegant makeover.  The large chocolate disc is encased in a rich ganache.  Delving your spoon into the center reveals layers of Devil's food cake and dark chocolate mousse.  White chocolate mousse rewards the intrepid eater in the center of the dessert.

This is a decadent treat to enjoy this holiday season.  Whether it inspires nostalgia for the original, or makes you appreciate a matured palate, there's no doubt that it's completely delicous.