Red Rooster Named One of 2011 Best New Restaurants

We're very proud to say that recently Red Rooster Harlem was named as one of the Ten Best New Restaurants of 2011 by NY Magazine. We opened just one year ago and we're honored to be mentioned in such an honored list. With dozens of restaurants opening in New York every year, we're very grateful to have been named among other greats like Boulud Sud, The Dutch, and Tertulia.

The Ten Best New Restaurants of 2011 was only one of NY Magazine's Chief Restaurant Critic Adam Platt. The other lists include Hot Shot Restaurants, Up and Down Restaurants, Departed Restaurants, and Those That Aren't on Platt's 101 list anymore.

It's an honor for us to be able to represent Harlem among the vast dining landscape of New York City and we hope that you all get a chance to visit us in Harlem and see just how great the dining can be here in this great multicultural community.

To see the entire list of NY Magazine's Ten Best New Restaurants of 2011, click here.

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