Red Rooster Harlem: Deviant Doughnuts In NYC

Thanks to Metromix for including Red Rooster Harlem in their round up of Donuts in New York City. Conventionally a decadent breakfast treat, doughnuts now regularly appear on dessert menus. In New York City, restaurants serve up that range from traditional to bizarre. But whatever form they take, doughnuts add a bit of whimsy to any meal. At Red Rooster Harlem we serve sweet potato doughnuts in a little fryer basket. Fluffy doughnut holes get an injection of sweet potato cream. Arriving to the table warm, the fried dough seems to hover in a cloud of spice. Addictive and fun to eat, this finger-food dessert is perfect for a group and even made an end-of-meal appearance at the Democratic National Committee fundraiser for President Barack Obama last week.

Other suggestions from the Metromix piece are enticing. If you're looking for a morning snack, head to Doughnut Plant for a coconut cream doughnut. Mark Isreal pioneered the "square doughnut," and his coconut cream invention is stuffed on all four sides. Coated in a sugary glaze and coconut pieces, this doughnut is an appropriately sweet accompaniment to a cup of bracing coffee.

At Flex Mussels, Zac Young makes doughnuts fit only for adults. Tequila lime, blueberry daiquiri, and maple bourbon number among Young's boozy creations. Order a baker's dozen instead of an after dinner drink.

New York City's doughnut scene has never been more vibrant. To read more about New York's newest doughnut shops, click here.