Red Rooster Harlem And World Water Week

Today marks the beginning of World Water Week and the start of the UNICEF Tap Project campaign. I'm proud to be an ambassador for UNICEF and that Red Rooster Harlem is participating in the UNICEF Tap Project where we will ask our patrons to donate $1 or more for the tap water they usually enjoy for free, and all proceeds will go to support UNICEF in their efforts to bring down the number 4,100 children dying daily from water related diseases to ZERO. Here are some important water facts to be aware of.

Water Facts: - Water is an essential ingredient to life yet nearly 900 million people are without it. - Second leading cause of preventable children's deaths? UNSAFE WATER. - $1 gives a child 40 days of clean water! - Imagine if the water you drink was actually killing you. That's reality for millions of kids! - 4,100 children die daily from water related diseases. Join me in changing that number to ZERO.

There are several ways you can do your part here!