Red Rooster and the Bus

As we conclude Harlem Week, it was my pleasure to bring you information on my site about Harlem, its events, and its historical sites. I'm proud to call Harlem my neighborhood and I often reflect on what living here means to me. When we opened Red Rooster, I wanted to make it a destination restaurant, not only for out-of-towners, but also for New Yorkers who don't always make it uptown to Harlem. This is such a vibrant community and I wanted to share that with all of New York.

One aspect that I find amazing about our location on 125th Street, is that although we pride ourselves in being an upscale comfort food restaurant, we're located right in the heart of Harlem, where the whole neighborhood lives and congregates in. We're near Marcus Garvey Park and Adam Clayton Square. Being on the corner of 125th and Lennox, also means we're right in the center of the commute. On our corner, the #2 & 3 trains stop here as well as the Manhattan Bus line. Being right in front of the bus stop allows us to see all of the Harlemites that get on and off the bus. It's a joy to see a patron get off the bus and head over to Red Rooster for their morning coffee or biscuit from the Nook. It's inspirational for me to see the community in and around Red Rooster on a daily basis.

After working in Europe and at three-star restaurants, never would I have imagined to open a restaurant in front of a bus stop. Yet, that goes to show how I have evolved not only as a person, but as a chef. It shows a more democratic way of thinking as a chef, where good food is no longer only meant for the elite, but for everyone you bring the food to. I'm happy to see familiar faces from Harlem stop by Red Rooster everyday. It validates my work here at the restaurant and in Harlem.

Don't forget, just because Harlem Week (or month) is ending, that does not mean our communities should cease to be celebrated on a daily basis. You are what make your community your home, and thankfully, Harlem is my home.