Red Rooster and Social Engineering

The coolest aspect about Red Rooster to me is the people it attracts. When thinking of opening a restaurant, I wanted to create a place that challenged the footprint of dining. By opening Red Rooster, I wanted people to experience my community in a different light and actually draw them uptown. Harlem is such a rich and vibrant community drenched in history, like the emergence of jazz and literature from famous Harlemites. Everything about the Rooster depicts just that, the history and essence of Harlem. We made sure to hire the majority of our staff from Harlem, too, since we not only wanted to just build a restaurant here but also be a part of the community and ultimately leave an imprint here.

By showcasing local Harlem artists and even by having a local Harlem DJ play on our music nights, we're building a stronger community support by introducing them to visitors who make their way uptown. This week in particular was unreal! We had extraordinary visitors stop by Red Rooster, including the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama, the Prime Minister of Sweden Fredrik Reinfeldt, Olympic track athlete Carl Lewis, as well as other fellow Chefs Daniel Boulud and John Besh. Red Rooster was also part of the Clinton Global Initiative Grand Tasting yesterday, which also reinforced our growing demand.

With all of the politicians and celebrities in town for the United Nations General Assembly Week, seeing them dine in restaurants around the city is common for the restaurant scene in Midtown, but to be able to maintain that same vibe and attendance here Uptown is truly exciting to see. It shows me that Red Rooster is doing its part in social engineering and introducing others to this great community of Harlem.  My next goal is to help strengthen the farmers markets here in Harlem as well as the community's support towards them. It's an honor for me to be a part of this community and to see others share that with me when they visit Red Rooster.

- Marcus