Red Rooster's Second "Chicken and Champagne Night"

Last night, August 25th, we held Red Rooster's second "Chicken and Champagne Night" where we celebrated an old Red Rooster tradition with a new twist. Our first "Chicken and Champagne" revived the original Red Rooster's time-honored tradition of "Chitlins and Champagne,"where the Rooster would offer a big plate of Chitlins' with corn bread with 'all the fixin's' for a $1.90. For a little more change, you could enjoy a glass of Champagne with that beloved dish. In our rendition of this special, we offered a Champagne by-the-glass special and a selection of 2 Champagne cocktails, as well as "Chicken and Champagne" snacks that included the Chicken and Waffle Bite, Rooster Deviled Egg, and Curried Chitlins. This time we also added two special dishes to the night's menu, Pickled Pig's Feet and Pickled Eggs. All of these dishes took us back to traditional Harlem-style dining and to our delight were a great hit with our crowd.

Guests poured in throughout the night, who enjoyed our "Chicken and Champagne" treats while listening to our live jazz band. Our very own Ben Barson, a server at Red Rooster, played for us with his band, The Rakiem Walker Project. Guests rocked out to their Jazz with a Hip-Hop twist. The atmosphere and food was relished by all last night. First-time guest to Red Rooster, Karen Good-Marble, was drawn at first to the Rooster because of Marcus' fame. She has all of his cookbooks and was happy to make it out to Red Rooster for the "Chicken and Champagne" event. Karen says that she's "tried fried chicken all over the city but (this) fried chicken was pretty damn good!"

We also heard from guests Susannah Martin and Catherine Martin, who ordered all the food off of the "Chicken and Champagne" menu and loved it all! Both had heard about Red Rooster in The New Yorker and wanted to come and try it out. To their pleasant surprise, "Chicken and Champagne" was happening last night, and they "loved that they were able to come here for this event." It was surely a big hit with them!

Without a doubt, Red Rooster Harlem can check off another great event and menu to their list of accomplishments after last night's "Chicken and Champagne Night." Check out our photos below of last night's event and stay tuned for our next "Chicken and Champagne Night" and other great events that Red Rooster has in store in the coming months!