Reactions to the Germany E.Coli Outbreak

A staple in many health food restaurants and a frequent star in salads, sprouts have undergone scrutiny after a deadly outbreak in Europe.  In Germany, a recent outbreak of the E. coli bacteria in sprouts has lead to a lot of panic and concern. Because the sprouts are shipped all over the world, Americans have become worried about possible contamination in their food source and possible health cases.

While some are reacting with great concern, others have simply written it off as another run-of-the-mill problem. Here's a round up of what some people are saying.

  • About Sprouts: Don't Eat Them, and Everything Else You Need to Know: A short summary of what has happened with the E. coli outbreak as it relates to the US and what the contaminated sprouts might mean to Americans. - Rodale
  • New E. coli sicknesses in Germany continue to decline; death toll up to 37: A news item explaining that the numbers of E. coli related sicknesses and deaths have slowed dramatically and also highlighted the newest details of what is happening for German farmers. - Washington Post
  • Blaming Sprouts Again: A very quick summary of this news item and why sprouts are the culprit of the outbreak.- The New York Times
  • Food Is Much Safer Than You Think: An op-ed by University of North Carolina professor and Global Research Institute director Peter Coclanis arguing that the American food supply is actually very safe and the recent E. coli hysteria is unnecessary. - Wall Street Journal
  • E. Coli: Don't Blame the Sprouts!: Mark Bittman delves into the root of the E. coli outbreak to understand how it got so bad and takes a look at what the US should be doing differently to prevent future problems. - The New York Times
  • European E. Coli Outbreak Could Happen Here: Short piece explaining that E. coli outbreak wasn't a Germany-specific issue and that such an outbreak could happen in the US too. - Civil Eats
  • What should consumers do about sprouts?: A news piece explaining the susceptibility of sprouts to bacteria outbreaks and examining whether they are worth eating. - Chicago Tribune
  • German based E. coli O104:H4 Outbreak is now second largest and most deadly in history: A round-up of statistics comparing the most recent E. Coli outbreak and its damages to those of the past. - Food Poison Journal

What do you think about the E.Coli outbreak?

Photo Credit: HoskingIndustries on flickr