Rabat, Morocco

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Street food By Marcus Samuelsson

Falafel is one of my favorite foods. It is so delicious, you forget it contains a lot of healthy stuff. There is carbohydrates in the pita, proteins in the falafel dumplings, lots of Vitamin A and healthy fats in the tahini, and I always fill mine up with a lot of salad round of the nutritional impact.

When I planning my trip to Rabat, I was keen to try a lot of falafel. I have found that not only does each vendors falafel taste different, buy every customer likes it mixed differently. But what a surprise Rabat turned out to be. I've had my best street food dinners there. At 9pm, it's like the whole city is at a delicious diner party. The streets fill up with the fragrance of spices - cumin, preserved lemons, cilantro, paprika, onions, saffron.

So there is no end to the delicious foods you can have in the mny medina is the city. Enter the market, and you smell someone making chicken and olive tagine, another stall making fresh flatbreads, and someone else wrapping piping hot and richly spiced merguez sausages to go.

Morocco's street food reflects its diversity from being on the crossroads of human history and spice routes. Sitting on the edge of both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, visiting Morocco is like taking a world tour of Eurasian flavors and aromas. Rabat is on the coast of the Atlantic and offers a full gamut of food from both continents. I love cities that have been melting pots in the past, or continue to be. You can read their history through your stomach.

If you like olives, Rabat has more varieties, and more methods of curing and spicing them than any farmer's market in the Western world. Keep this in mind when you eat in Rabat. Sample the fried fish with a tomato chutney, cooked snails, grilled meat, fresh fruits and vegetables that you may not recognize instantly, but will love. Vegans and carnivores are all likely to find more food than they can handle here.

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