Public Seeks Food That is Simple and Practical

By: Michele Wolfson

There is a shift in what kind of food people are looking to read about. A writer for the Sydney Morning Herald voted Noma of Copenhagen the world's best restaurant and it seems to be receiving some backlash because the desire to consume fancy cuisine is fading away. In these times it can come off as ostentatious to dine at stuffy places. No matter where people stand on how they feel about luxurious dining, there is a growing trend towards comfort food among all demographics. Because food elicits a visceral response, many believe it a luxury to dine out even at affordable eateries that are providing comfort food at affordable prices. The current move back to simple foods and less expensive restaurants is because of rising food prices has led patrons to choose eateries that provide cheaper, more filling foods.

Many eateries are putting a slight spin on satisfying comfort food favorites because they are intriguing menu items. The success lies in restaurants taking tired, run-of-the-mill foods and up scaling the ingredients ever so slightly to satisfy the consumers' desire for simple cuisine using high quality ingredients as well as a sense of variety. Taking basic key ingredients and tweaking them to add a twist is what makes for a desirable meal.

We are living in a society where food trucks and street food are all the rage because the food is delicious and affordable. Even business lunches in New York City are being conducted on park benches near food trucks. The recession affects all parts of the food system, especially grocer and diner. The comfort food crave is not so much a trend anymore, but rather an ongoing feature of the American culinary landscape because diners are yearning for simple and practical eats. This is why many affordable eateries that are emerging are having success; diners get high quality food without the pretension.

While some folks are demonstrating an appetite for change in terms of what kind of restaurant reviews they want to read about, it should be noted that the restaurant Noma is flourishing and the wait time to get a reservation is four months, so it's apparent that people are still considering dining there a lifetime experience that is worth the price.

Photo: robbplusjessie

What's your favorite comfort food?

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