Premium Organic Peruvian Coffee

By Elizabetta Tekeste

Recently, I find myself in the mood to re-read one of my favorite novels, The Celestine Prophecy. So it seems fitting this week to highlight the backdrop for this incredible novel and its coffee. Grab your passports-we're taking a trip to plentiful Peru.

Peru is bordered by five South American countries, including; Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile. Not to mention a body of water known as the Pacific Ocean. Its unique positioning creates an environment that is ideal for superior cherries but the vast majority of Peruvian coffee exported to the Free World is, by and far inferior.

Don't get mad at the farmers- it's not entirely their fault. Theirs is a market economy where prices are determined by the supply and demand of goods and services. As the world demands more coffee, Peru quickly reacts and increases production of primarily poor quality beans. The surplus of poor quality beans in the market sends prices plummeting. The reduced market price per pound of coffee removes the incentive for farmers who prefer to produce premium, organic coffee.

It's a vicious circle at best.

The result at most Peruvian cuppings is lack of favorable characteristics. But when it's good, it's really good and definitely worth the money. The beans are Arabica, the altitude unmatched. So if you love coffee AND Peru- let your dollars do the talking.

This week, I'm on the hunt to support premium organic Peruvian coffee to drink while I re-read The Celestine Prophecy. What are you drinking?

Until next week, breathe well and be well!