Positive Health Benefits

Vegetarian Column By Marcus Samuelsson

Going vegetarian, whether for ethical or health reasons, can seem like a very scary challenge. However, it is really an opportunity for you to enact positive health benefits and explore a possibly neglected part of your palate. One great way for you to get pumped up is to pre-plan all your meals for the week.

The first step of this strategy is to look up recipes - it's like creating a restaurant menu that has infinite options tailored exactly to your taste. Have fun playing chef! You can look at some of these recipes or pull out your favorite cookbook. Don't be deterred if some of your go-to sources are meat heavy since they frequently provide good side dishes or the occasional vegetarian meal.

Use these recipes to compose one giant grocery list so you can do all your food shopping for the week in one go. This saves time and can also prevent you from generating food waste by buying foods that you won't use.

Just think of the new opportunities available to you! There is no pressure to cram meat into every meal at home and out, opening up a whole new world. Take advantage of this great chance.