Positive Foodstuff: Freddy Guys Hazelnuts

This is the first in my series featuring small foodstuff from around the world.  From small producers to teachers in Urban gardens, I want to highlight it all.  Here's my first installment, about a small family-run farm in Oregon. Please comment with your own ideas for articles on foodstuff here on MarcusSamuelsson.com

Whether you know them as filberts or as hazelnuts, it doesn't change the delicious taste of the product.  I'm impressed by Freddy Guys Hazelnuts, purveyor of fresh hazelnuts and hazelnut products.  They are a direct-to-consumer farm, selling their wares at many Farmers' Markets in Oregon and online.

Husband and wife team Barb and Fritz Foulke are in charge of this family-run farm in Oregon's Willamette Valley.  They set themselves apart by handling every aspect of their business, from growing to processing.  The variety of tree they grow is called Barcelona, and came to the US from Spain in the late 19th century.  Now, the trees have found a home over 100 years later in a climate much more similar to their native country.  Also, the climate in the Willamette Valley is similar to Piedmont, Italy, which is a famous producer of hazelnuts, and the weather has certainly helped the Freddy Guys.

The Foulkes and their children, and even the grandparents, lend a hand to the harvest, roasting, and packaging processes.  Their earth-friendly practices, direct-to-consumer approach and family values distinguish the Foulke Family.

Check out their website here.