Pop-Up Restaurants

While pop-up restaurants have been a popular phenomenon since the recession's beginning, the pop-up market is a new concept. Renee Ghert-Zand reports in "The pop-up market: Like a rave for foodies" that pop-up markets involve a pseudo-spontaneous organization of artisanal food vendors. In Oakland, chefs Samin Nosrat and Christopher Lee started a pop-up market. Using social media and targeting hipsters, these chefs managed to start a trend. Calling it a "Pop-Up General Store," Nosrat and Lee operate with health permits and insurance, carefully picking the best vendors possible. The trend has now spread along the West Coast, even though all pop-up operators don't work under such fastidious standards.

The pop-up general store is a unique and fun way to source original products in urban spaces. To read more about this trend, click here.