Politics Are What's On The Menu

Never has food politics been more in the forefront of news as it is today. Like other chefs who are also trying to bring attention to problems in the food industry or simply make changes in how people eat, I launched Food Republic with both of these issues in mind. I not only wanted to present food issues that affect all of us on a daily basis, but more importantly to provide a place that can house others' views on the subject matter as well.

I want to thank my long-time friend Dylan Ratigan, host of MSNBC's "The Dylan Ratigan Show," who mentioned me and my Food Republic goal today on the Huffington Post. Support from voices like his will surely help to spread awareness in food politics to audiences that chefs like me may not always be able to reach.

To read Dylan Ratigan's post, click here.

I, and my aim to bring food issues to the mainstream, thank you!