Poleppte Infilzate at Regional

After a long week and a cold walk, nothing says "I love you" to your body like little balls of protein and flavor. These spiced veal treats, called Polpette Infilzate, are Sicilian and will warm your stomach and your soul. Served hot, the meatballs are a feast for the eyes too, skewered in between croutons and fried herbs. Another dimension of flavor is added by the parsley and oregano sauce pooled below that gives the dish a fresh and slightly citrusy tang.

Served at Regional, the Poleppte Infilzate are not the only delight available. They are an appetizer, an opening act to an array of stellar pasta and secondi courses. As a follow up, you won't be disappointed by the Pappardelle ai Funghi e Carciofi, from the Basilicata region of Italy, a sumptuous and creamy pasta dish with mushrooms and artichokes.

Regional is certainly a step above the average Italian eatery in New York and stands out even on the Upper West Side. The atmosphere is chic but relaxed. Regional is a perfect place for a good catch up with old friends over great food.

To check out the menu, go to Regional's website here.