Plan A Kentucky Derby Party

For a fun Saturday activity, plan a Kentucky Derby party! Invite your friends over for some classic treats and cocktails. Encourage everyone to wear their spring finest for your fun party. When your guests arrive, greet them with homemade Grapefruit Bourbon Sours. Use Kentucky whiskey, of course!

To keep your guests satiated while waiting for the main event, pass around open-faced cucumber sandwiches. Choose a hearty rye bread and spread with greek yogurt. Top with sliced cucumbers and season with salt to taste.

For the main course, serve delicious Kentucky Hot Browns. Food Republic has the authentic recipe from Bobby Flay, which was created in 1926! This recipe takes some planning ahead, but they'll impress your guests and leave you full and satisfied for the fun afternoon ahead.

The jockeys' colorful uniforms, or silks, are bright flashes of color on the big race day. Serve food on brightly colored plates and napkins to give the party a festive twist.

Everyone will be waiting to get to the big race, but also your delicious pecan pie. It's decadent, delicious, and perfect for the festive party. Hats off!

Check back tomorrow for a traditional Mint Julep recipe!