Pink Pork is Safe to Eat

After many years of cooking pork to white-fleshed chewy safe temperature, the USDA has announced that it safe to cook pork until pink on the inside, or about 145 degrees. This year, the National Pork Board changed its slogan from "the other white meat" to "Pork: Be Inspired." This new slogan was released a few months before the new temperature for cooking safety was announced. There are so many ways to enjoy pork, whether it's cured pork, such as guanciale, prosciutto, or even pig ears, which are a recent trend. Pork is especially great for barbecuing, so this new temperature has come just in time for Memorial Day. Or if you're just looking for a romantic dinner for two, try making a Pork Chops in a Maple-Mustard Sauce with Apple-Cabbage Slaw Recipe.

No time to cook? August Restaurant has a delicious Pork dish, debuting on the menu tonight. The pork is 100% Berkshire breed from Snake River Farms and is brined with aromatics then grilled and served with potatoes, escarole and roasted hen of the woods mushrooms. Try it at August this weekend! Call (212) 929-8727 and let them know you found it here.

What's your favorite way to cook pork?