Panama, Producer Of The $8 Cup of Coffee

By Elizabetta Tekeste

In the fall of 2009 I tasted the best cup of coffee I've had to date. It was courtesy of a small country in Central America know as the Republic of Panama and it was nearly $100 a pound. I distinctly remember the clean, smooth and fruit forward characteristics of this maybe once-in-a-lifetime cup.

The lot was the Esmeralda Special, named after the region in Western Panama it hails from, Esmeralda Jaramillo Mountains. The bean is Arabica, a strain of the Ethiopian Gesha. It was brought to Central America nearly 50 years ago.

Although young, in the coffee world this coffee is the equivalent of Lady Gaga in pop music. A true star- it set its first record on the 29th June 2004 when it traded for $21 per pound. Two years later (30th May 2006) it sold for $50.25 a pound and the following year (29th May 2007) it sold for an earth shattering $130 per pound!

That's more than a barrel of oil! As I'm researching where to invest for my future and retirement I realize that people may not always buy that iPad...but they'll always buy that cup of coffee!

Until next week, breathe well and be well!