Oysters Are Making A Comeback

Following the BP oil spill, the Gulf oyster industry seemed damaged beyond repair. But now, oysters are making a comeback, at least according to CNN's eatocracy.

The oil killed huge numbers of oysters and disrupted their natural habitat. Unfortunately, Louisiana is responsible for approximately 40% of the American oyster harvest, so the BP spill looked like a devastating blow to oyster production. Nevertheless, New Orleans restaurants are beginning to serve oysters again, even if fears remain about food safety.

Yet, food products from the Gulf now possess an FDA stamp of approval. Some independent scientists question the FDA's tests. The long-term effects of the oil spill on fish and seafood habitats remain unknown. Still, the reappearance of Gulf oysters on New Orleans menus bodes well for the industry.

Optimism characterizes New Orleans attitudes towards oysters. To read more about oyster controversy in the Gulf, click here.