Obesity In Mexico

In a world filled with rising obesity rates, some countries are taking action.  Whether it's healthy hawker stands in Singapore, or Michelle Obama's Let's Move! initiative, countries around the globe are aware that it is time to address rampant obesity. The problem of obesity is growing in Mexico, too.  According to the government, one in three children is overweight.  Now, the government has outlined a new plan to help children get healthier: by changing school snacks.

Instead of greasy or fried foods at lunch, children are offered cucumber, jicama or watermelon at Quintana Roo Elementary school.  There are no more soft-drinks in schools, and the composition of many sweet snacks has been altered, for example, by reducing the amount of sugar in a cookie.

However, banning fattening snacks entirely is not the best answer, says Alonso Lujambio, the education minister.  Teaching children to "exercise moderation in what they eat" with an emphasis on healthier foods is the answer.  Children can then bring better habits home with them at the end of the day.

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