NY Business Solutions Helps Red Rooster

Rooster Shoot Since before its opening in December 2010, Red Rooster has been working with New York City Business Solutions to source the best possible candidates for its front and back of house staff. With so much regulation surrounding the opening of a restaurant, the staff at NYC Business Solutions is there to help smooth the transition by creating work force development programs and spending a of time to get to know the individual businesses. “Red Rooster reached out and said they were looking to hire candidates who are authentic to the community,” said Mischa Byruck, Senior Enterprise Consultant for NYC Business Solutions. “This restaurant is such a pleasure to work with because of their commitment, not just for the skills they are looking for in new hires, but because they want candidates who have the potential to grow and do better.” With new big box stores coming into the neighborhood, Byruck works to ensure this economic development preserves the cultural integrity of the Harlem community. “Red Rooster is a natural extension of a cohesive vision. It’s doesn’t feel accidental for it to be here. It feels intentional.”