Now Serving: Spiked Snow Cones at Red Rooster!

It's here... The ultimate adult beverage. The one you didn't know you wanted and now won't be able to live without this summer. The perfect combination of your favorite summer treat as a kid: that icy, crunchy, sweet and refreshing combination of crushed ice and fruit-flavored syrup. Add booze. Eat, slurp, crunch and repeat. That's right, the adult snow cone is here and now available at Red Rooster.

watermelon with cucumber, mint and Bulldog gin

This frosty treat comes in 3 flavors, made with the freshest ingredients (none of that bottled syrup nonsense, we are after-all adults here) from our outstanding pastry team and can be ordered with or without the booze:

  1. Tres Leches: a traditional Spanish cake, magically transformed into liquid form served with Blackwell Rum and topped with white chocolate shavings
  2. Watermelon, Cucumber and Mint: all fresh squeezed served with Bulldog Gin and topped with a watermelon, cucumber and mint salsa. Ole!
  3. Cherry Cola: made to taste reminiscent of those cherry cola slushees we all grew up with and served with Vanilla Stoli

The snow cone cocktails are $12, which is quite a deal considering your getting dessert and your drink on for a little under the price of one. You will have to enjoy your boozy cone in house (but who doesn't want to spend some time at the Red Rooster bar?). However, if you're on the go but looking for an icy refreshment, the options sans booze can be conveniently taken to go, served in old school paper cones with adorable and eco-friendly bamboo spoons at a cool price of $6.

Which ever you choose, enjoy responsibly, and enjoy we guarantee you shall.

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