Nook at Night Opens, Late-Night Tacos Abound

nook, red rooster, taco, marcus samuelsson, nook at night Only in New York can you so easily find hot, late-night snacks—maybe that’s how New Yorkers are able to sustain the city that never sleeps. Now, the Nook at Red Rooster offers its own after-dark treat.

Stop by the takeout window between 11:30pm and 3:00am Friday and Saturday, and choose your pick of skirt steak, goat, and sweet potato tacos at one for $4 and two for $7.  (Has there ever been a better match than beer and tacos?)

Need a story to go with your late-night bite? The goat taco was named after famous Harlem street ball player, Earl Manigault whose nickname was "The Goat", which also stands for: The Greatest Of All Time, or in Chef Harrington's words, The Greatest of All Tacos.

Even better? Take in the music and booze at Ginny’s, and grab a taco on your way out—the perfect, on-the-go bite for the way to your next stop out on the town.

taco, red rooster, nook, nook at night, marcus samuelsson