The holidays are a busy time of year for anyone, no matter what you are celebrating.  Perhaps you are behind on your preparation for tomorrow.  If so, cookbook author Nigella Lawson has some recipes that you can accomplish in no time, with ample hours to trim the tree and enjoy your family. She offers recipes for a delicious-sounding Sherry-Glazed Chorizo, based on a tapas dish in Seville, Spain.  In less than five minutes, you can have an appetizer that will delight any hungry holiday visitor.

Her hummus recipe calls for peanut butter instead of the traditionally used tahini.  She reasons that tahini is sesame butter, thus substituting peanut butter is not too much of a stretch.  Best of all, you probably have some peanut butter in you fridge, so it won't take an extra trip to the store to get the dip on the table.

Her delectable chocolate cake, with a hint of orange, and her recipe for gingerbread syrup-spiked prosecco will also delight.

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