New York City: The Magical Land of Macarons

The macaron is a sweet, sensual confectionary cookie that has taken the world by storm. Today the concept has been deemed a two-fold delicious delight. As noted on the history of the 'double-decker' macaron goes a little something like this. At the beginning of the 20th century Pierre Desfontaines, the grandson of Louis Ernest Laduree created a macaron, split it in two, filled it with a 'chocolate panache' and stuck the macaron back together again. With this new way of presenting a macaron everyone continues to find the sweetest, most crisp macaron out there.

The Laduree family continues to emulate the perfectly crisp macaron they are known for and has now set up shop in New York City. As found in The New York Times' piece by Florence Fabricant, "Laduree Brings Its Macarons to New York", the shop on the Upper East Side is "a jewel box, done in pale green with traditional decorative accents, mirrors and dark wood, meant to showcase chocolates, tabletop items and of course, macarons, all imported from Paris." Needless to say with the popularity of macarons taking shape in New York City the Upper East Side couldn't ask for a more beautiful macaron and pastry shop.

If you are keen to find other macaron shops within New York City then take to the streets and you will find a plethora of crisp macarons calling your name. Bouchon Bakery at Rockefeller Center, La Maison du Chocolat, Macaron Cafe and Cours la Reine are some unique spots where you can dive into a delicious macaron.

Cours la Reine has a flagship shop in Brooklyn and pop-up shops in Manhattan. Venture onto the Cours la Reine website to see exactly where the next pop-up shop will be, it'll be worth the five seconds it takes you to 'Google' this shop.

At Macaron Cafe the macarons are gluten-free and with fifteen different flavors there surely will be one that will tickle your fancy. The Bouchon Bakery and La Maison du Chocolat define extraordinary having been inspired from the delicate tastes of Paris.

Macarons will continue to be a deemed a Parisian delicacy; so sooner rather than later get outside, find one of these shops and taste the sweet, crisp taste a macaron has to offer.

Photo: Sarmale / O

What's your favorite macaron shop?