New Year's Resolutions? There's An App For That

It's that time again, when we look back at all the time wasted and un-reached goals from the previous year as we look forward to the daunting list of new resolutions that we swear we're going to keep. Here's an idea- instead of setting a long list of unrealistic goals with virtually no hopes of accountability, why not make a resolution to not make resolutions? While that may seem completely contradictory, a new app called Anti-Resolution can help you attain your New Year's plans through small daily actions instead of one or a few huge year-long goals.

How you ask? You first make a pledge to not make resolutions and then select 1 from 5  goals (quit a habit, lose weight, more family time, manage and reduce stress, or save money) that you'd like to achieve and then select smaller actions instead. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, the Anti-Resolution app will show you other options for you to stick to that in the long run can help you lose more weight. You can click through various tips for each category and they provide you with information on how those tips actually work.

One tip the app offered was to "put down my fork between bites," and then went on to explain why it matters: "Most of us can eat a meal in under 10 minutes, yet it takes our stomachs at least 20 minutes after we're done eating to signal our brains that we're no longer hungry. When you slow down your eating, you give your stomach a chance to catch up to your brain, which means you may actually eat less. By setting down your fork, you slow down the whole process." With small goals like putting your fork down between bites, creating a new playlist every week to keep motivation for exercise up, or getting between 7-9 hours of sleep a night, you'll eventually pick up better habits that will make losing weight simpler. When focus goes into one small action, you're more likely to keep up the goal.

Of course you could always use other smart phone apps that can keep you on track with reminders and alerts, but let's be honest- how many days will go by before you simply get sick of those alerts and shut them off all together? Instead this year make a resolution to not beat yourself up for setting huge goals that you can't keep and instead stay informed about healthy lifestyle tips that will help you in small ways on a day-to-day basis.

What are your new goals for 2012?

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