My Weekend at the FCI

I had the pleasure of, once again, participating in the annual New York Culinary Experience at the French Culinary Institute. It's a fun-filled weekend where folks who participate get to take classes taught by some of the top chefs in America. My class and I prepared an homage to Harlem and Red Rooster by cooking up some jerk-spiced catfish with melon tomato salad, red grits & shrimp and fried chicken with collard greens. We split the class up so that each row prepared a different dish and we made enough so everyone could try all the food. We had tons of fun getting our hands dirty and I hope my students enjoyed it and learned something new too.

I also got to see some of my favorite folks at the FCI, like its founder Dorothy Hamilton, head of culinary technology Dave Arnold and my old colleague and current VP of Culinary & Pastry Arts Nils Noren (pictured). It was great to catch up with all of them.

The best part of this weekend is knowing that the profits go to scholarships at the FCI. Can't wait till next year's NYCE! Check out the rest of the pictures, below.