My LA Five Favorites

I just got back this week from a weekend trip to Los Angeles and I can shamelessly say that I had a great time there! The relationship New York City has with Los Angeles is certainly a strange one. It's similar to what I experienced growing up in Sweden. As a resident of Gothenburg, you could never publically admit that you liked anything about Stockholm, as if almost rival cities. Often times, that's the same sort of relationship between LA and NYC.

But the more I visit LA I have really started to appreciate the differences between the two cities. For one thing, I love taking a run on Sunset Blvd very early in the morning and you see everything from the early wakers buying food from the farmers markets to late night partiers just making their way home. As much as everyone loves the beaches in LA, I've learned to really love Downtown LA and Hollywood. It has a real grit that resembles some areas in NYC, especially the poorer areas of LA and Hollywood where the West Coast Hip Hop Movement started. The whole city is fascinating and I learn and see something new every time I'm there.

One great aspect about LA that hands down is singular to this city alone is their amount of authentic taquerias. I've never been in a city (besides Mexico of course) where so much Mexican food was readily available wherever you turn; and not bad Mexican food, but truly authentic. You always find yourself in a friendly situation when visiting a taco stand, too. The last taqueria I visited in LA, I met two guys who were also enjoying the food and we talked and realized our shared love of another token to LA- movies! While shooting the breeze we noticed our love of the same movie director Terrence Malik and his outstanding movie, The Thin Red Line. It was a memorable moment where three guys shared their love of tacos and movie tastes, all at the local corner tacqueria.

Besides the taquerias in LA, I have my own list of favorite places that I visited in my last trip there. Be sure to check out these spots when you pay a visit to the City of Angels.

Frolic Room: Frolic Room has the real DNA of an old classic Hollywood bar. The drinks are cheap and the bartenders have been there forever. It has that grit that I love about LA so much.

Pinches Tacos: This tacqueria on Sunset Blvd is one of my favorite spots to get great tacos. Not only do they have authentic flavors, their decor is really has a Mexican feel with sugar skull sculptures and dolls.

Son of a Gun: Son of a Gun is the quintessential LA restaurant and I had a great time during my last visit there. Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo have done a great job with the restaurant and I wish them continued luck.

Father's Office: This upscale pub in LA features craft brewed beer and wine and their famous "Office Burger." I loved the theme of the restaurant and it is an overall fun eatery to go to.

Writer's Bar: Located in the L'Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills, it's known as the "IT" spot for Hollywood industry professional to meet and mingle. The ambience is warm and inviting and the cocktails were great!

What are you favorite spots in Los Angeles?

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