My January Five Favorites

This year is already starting off with a bang! This is an exciting time for sports with the Super Bowl coming up, as well as for food. Root vegetables are in season and we'll be seeing a lot more braised meats and stews on menus across the city.

I'm looking forward to a great year ahead but meanwhile here are my current five favorites:

- Cooking with my friend Chef Jonathan Waxman: The other night was a true treat to cook alongside Jonathan Waxman for Wellness in the Schools (WITS). We hosted a dinner that helped raise fund for WITS that was held at Red Rooster Harlem with Jonathan as our guest chef. Thanks JW! I hope to cook with you again soon!

- The new tribute album to Cal Massey: Fred Ho and Quincy Saul have recently released "The Music of Cal Massey: A Tribute" Conducted by Whitney George which celebrates the great African American jazz composer, Cal Massey. Listening to this album is a true reminder of this trumpeter and composer's historic talent.

- Frenchman Thierry Henry at Arsenal: I'm thrilled to see Thierry Henry's comeback to Arsenal this month! I'm a huge soccer fan and the English Premier League team of Arsenal is one of my favorites. After five years, Arsenal fans can finally see Thierry thrive in Arsenal once more. Welcome back!

- Mingus Murray's New Album: Have you downloaded Mingus Murray's new album available online? This young Harlem artist is bound to the hottest new artist. Click here to download Mingus' latest and be sure to also check him out on Facebook and Twitter.

- The New York Giants!: For a soccer fan, I've got to admit- the Giants are on fire! They had a great win against the Packers on Sunday and I can't wait to see their triumph again this Sunday against the 49'ers. Go Giants!

What are you current favorites?

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